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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My friend Gordon and I were once talking about our jobs as designers in the world of children's book publishing. We both agreed that working in our field is torture if you're a single hetero guy, because you're surrounded allllll daaaay by so many beautiful, talented.....women! It's true! ; o )


Sunday, March 23, 2008


L Magazine has another article about the current economic/demographic situation in NYC, esp. Manhattan. I'm just curious to know what the average median/mean income, etc. is for Asian singles and families here, though. Hmmm....


Cool Sh#t

1) Nice gray/neon geometric slice design on a bike in Greenpoint.
2) Eat fish truck from BX parked in Soho.
3) Garfield wastebasket abandoned near my apartment.
4) Love-related sign for Valentine's Day in Soho.
5) Navy blue and red-oange go gr8 2gether.
6) Snoopy-lover driver & passenger mayhem in Manhattan.
7) Bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and lots of fresh dill.
8) In my art school's illustration class, we used to revere artists such as Drew Struzan, who's done the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Mallrats move posters, etc. Last week I was editing his original art for an upcoming Star Wars book project. "MmmHUHHAYY!" (In Professor Frink voice)

- _-

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I got my Nike iD Dunks a few weeks ago. I chose a color scheme which represents 80's Chicago as best I could, using the iD color swatches. I wish that they had some kind of Elephant print available, like the Jordan III's. Bad thing is, the first week I wore them, they hurt at my left pinky toe joint. Once broken in, I think they will be fine.


Lost Girls

'ello mates,

I had a great time at Tilly & the Wall last night. The two opening acts, Jason Anderson and Capgun Coup, were pretty good, too. The vibe was pretty positive—although after the show, a cute girl said to her friend, "...he was SOO annoying! I wanted to punch him in the FACE!" I guess she meant some guy in the audience. I actually sang along to a bunch of their songs. I felt like I was in a Debbie Gibson or Miami Sound Machine indie party with castanets, surrounded by a neon-ray chuck-wagon semicircle. Pretty cool!

I was wary about the Knitting Factory bouncers, after what my Ninjasonik breathren had endured a few weeks back. But things seemed ok. I felt like being cuffed by the police when I got my drinking wristband, though. It was a great feeling. Not! And eight dollars for a freaking Duvel is a lot of money. Paying more than six or seven bucks for beer isn't very practical, unless it's a hard-to-find import.

I painted my first piece on a wall in seven years. That's right. Seven years. I did it at 5 Ptz. in LIC and it turned pretty nice. I shoulda made the white cloud behind it cleaner, though. But, at least I got to paint next to this wonderful character by a French artist that's been up for quite some time now. I'll post brighter pics tomorrow, 'cause it's supposed to be sunny during the day.

I got my bike's back tire fixed today, too. Yay!